Iyetra is an episodic series of novellas set in a hybrid sci-fi/fantasy universe. Think of the story like episodes of a television series; instead of— as with the case of larger novels— having a setting or plot explored over the course of a full book, in the Iyetra series each "book" is much smaller and more self-contained. A particular piece of plot will be dealt with within the framework of one book, and subsequent books may not directly relate to things that happened in previous ones— they may not even use the same characters, although the overall setting and "world" will form the backdrop for the entire series. Taken as a whole, each book in the series will form an overall story arc spanning many smaller novellas. As each novella is shorter than a normal book, about 1/3 – 1/2 of a full novel, they will be released on a much more rapid schedule: approximately every two to three months.



Joshua Meadows is a writer, photographer, and video game developer originally from New York City & now living in Melbourne, Australia. Joshua has worked in the video game industry for over fifteen years — originally as a journalist, writing for outlets such as XY Magazine &, and later penning dialogue, plots, and storylines for video games themselves.

Joshua's debut novella series, Iyetra, was a quarterfinalist in the 2012 "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award" competition sponsored by Penguin Books, and was in the top #100 & #50 in Amazon Kindle sales in both fantasy and sci-fi, respectively, in 2012.

Joshua is also the co-founder of GX Australia, Australia's first gaming & geek culture convention for LGBTI+ gamers and allies. Its debut event in February 2016 drew over 800 attendees from all over the world for a weekend celebrating diversity, inclusivity & geekery in all its forms.


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Volume 01: Prophecy Told (Books 01 – 04)


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Iyetra – Volume 01: Prophecy Told contains Books 01 through 04.

Tela Niala is a newly-ascended Advent journeyman, part of a rare caste of individuals gifted with the ability to manifest and control magic. Regarded as leaders and politicians, the Advent are relied upon to keep society functioning in the centuries following an ancient cataclysm that shattered their world into tiny floating fragments. Protected from the Chaos and the corrupted beasts that make it their home, society continues beneath spell-powered shields, inside enchanted dirigibles and within towering buildings spread like fungal growth over the surface of drifting asteroids. Sent on her first diplomatic dispatch in her new role with the Advent government, Tela stumbles into the middle of a plot by cultists that could result in the destruction of an entire city.

When a primeval enemy of demonic origin begins to awaken and stir, Tela is pushed into coming to terms with her own powers and her part in a prophecy that forecast the rise of an elder god and a threat to the safety of their entire civilisation. Tela's progression will have her facing down hostile spirits, mechanical zealots opposed to the use of magic entirely and the machinations of the enigmatic Matriarch — whose manipulative leadership of the Advent is for purposes unknown and possibly counter to those of the people she governs.

Iyetra is a fractured world of science and magic, demons and cultists, spread out across a cosmos populated on shattered pieces of an ancient planet. Approximately 120,000 words.

Book 01: Sleeping God


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"At the dawn of things, in the eon known as the Whole, Iyetra was a complete, harmonious world and its inhabitants lived with the blessings of the gods, watched over under the authority of the Advent."

Tela Niala is a newly-ascended Advent journeyman, part of the rare subset of individuals gifted with the ability to practice and control magic. Regarded by her people as leaders and politicians, the Advent are relied upon to keep society functioning properly in the centuries after the cataclysmic Shattering destroyed their world.

Sent on a diplomatic dispatch to negotiate a treaty with a foreign government, Tela soon learns dark things have been set into motion outside of her knowledge. When a primeval enemy of demonic origin appears and threatens the lives of millions, Tela must come into her own powers not just to survive but to escape and warn her own people of the slumbering evil that's reawakening.

Book 02: Animus


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Iyetra – Book 01: Sleeping God opened the door on the world of Iyetra. In Book 02: Animus, Tela Niala has been dispatched to a distant floater far outside the charted Known, tasked with retrieving an ancient document of possible interest to those behind the destruction of Koton. Working directly for the enigmatic Matriarch, Tela is soon given reason to mistrust the woman who heads Triyard's government. When ancient enemies threaten her mission and her quest for vengeance against the frightening Harbinger, Tela will have to draw on all her strength to survive.

Sleeping God laid the groundwork for Iyetra's rich mythology and history. Animus builds upon that foundation with a thrilling escapade of action from the start all the way to its dramatic conclusion.

Book 03: Proxy War


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In Iyetra – Book 02: Animus, Tela was sent to recover an ancient religious text sought after by a doomsday cult devoted towards the resurrection of an imprisoned god. Wresting it from their grip in the final moment, the Consortium has had a few months of blessed calm in their war against the daemons.

Now, out of nowhere, these enemies of the Advent have struck back with a new plan to attack their enemies and remove the the Matriarch once and for all.

Thrust into conflict in the midst of a strange, alternate version of Triyard, Tela is on her own to stop the machinations of the Harbinger before his goals come to fruition.

Book 04: Incursion


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Almost a year after the events of Iyetra – Book 01: Sleeping God, Tela's struggle against the Harbinger and his cultists reaches her front door as the corrupted humans lay siege to Triyard. In an effort to prevent the return of a goddess imprisoned thousands of years ago, she must fight alongside the Matriarch to save her people from destruction.

Along the way, she will learn more about the jackal god's true nature, and uncover the enigmatic Matriarch's past. Struggling against an external threat and internal secrets, Tela is at the epicentre of the conflict and the only one capable of interrupting the Harbinger's foul designs.

Book 05: Aftermath's Dawn


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It's been five years since the disappearance of the Matriarch. With the siege of Triyard and the mass evacuation of its citizens, the Consortium has been plunged into chaos and its standing in the Charted Known diminished considerably. This loss has prompted a number of floaters to secede from the ancient alliance and declare themselves the 'Freestates,' a loose confederacy of magic-incapable individuals who seek to challenge the Advent's longstanding supremacy through means both economic and diplomatic. Sabas Yan, an Advent mercenary whose skills are often utilised for thieving instead of warfare, has accepted a job offer from an anonymous client that sends him breaking into one Freestate manufacturing centre. While there, however, he stumbles onto evidence that the fledgling coalition might be involved in designs that are more dire than they've admitted publicly.

Without the Matriarch to vouch for him, Hemeth's position as General of the Consortium's armies has been terminated. The remains of its leadership have been plunged into in-fighting and political posturing as its Senators vie with one another for control of the alliance's remaining territory. Fixated on the disappearance of Tela, Hemeth has spent much of the time since her fight with the Harbinger focusing on ways to recover Triyard and with it the nexusgate that could send him back to her last location. Intent on rescuing her, Hemeth embarks on an experiment that may lead to a means of ridding Triyard of the creatures that have surrounded it.

Book 06: Oblivion Precipice


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After discovering plans that the Freestates were intending on launching an attack against the Consortium from their facility on Ettad, Sabas Yan rushed back to Advent territory to warn the Senate of the threat. Coming down from their mad escape and the revelation that one of his companions — the strange girl Anahine, narrowly rescued from the experiments the Freestates had engaged on her — was more dangerous than he could have first imagined, it soon becomes clear that the plot against the Advent involves more hands than the separatists alone.

Shot down by an Imperium planter ship on the debut of Hemeth's grand plan to rescue Triyard from the creatures that still occupied it, the former general awakes with no idea of his location or the safety of his crew. But he will soon come face to face with an enemy more worrying than the Imperium or the backstabbers of the Advent Senate, whose actions have the chance to destroy everything they know.