Iyetra is an episodic series of novellas set in a hybrid sci-fi/fantasy universe. Think of the story like episodes of a television series; instead of— as with the case of larger novels— having a setting or plot explored over the course of a full book, in the Iyetra series each "book" is much smaller and more self-contained. A particular piece of plot will be dealt with within the framework of one book, and subsequent books may not directly relate to things that happened in previous ones— they may not even use the same characters, although the overall setting and "world" will form the backdrop for the entire series. Taken as a whole, each book in the series will form an overall story arc spanning many smaller novellas. As each novella is shorter than a normal book, about 1/3 – 1/2 of a full novel, they will be released on a much more rapid schedule: approximately every two to three months.
Book 01 - Sleeping God
Book 02 - Animus
Book 03 - Proxy War
Book 04 - Incursion
Book 05 - Aftermath's Dawn
Book 06 - Oblivion Precipice